KOFIH Website

Build a international organization's website

I made a 'Korea Foundation for International Healthcare(KOFIH)' website after that I had have graduated coding bootcamp. Designing and building a whole website by myself, from the beginning to the end, was a significant challenge. Throughout this large scale project, I have gained the first work experience as a junior web developer.

I could improve my understanding about structures of website and build a fully responsible web site.

Acquiring high rated web accessibility and w3c web validation were main considerations. I focused in to reduce inconvenience actions on website and put some additional functions:grayscale, high contrast, text size transforming.

Since this website provides informative data to public, so I utilized data handling open API to enable this.

It was one of the hardest project that I have done before, on the other hand, it was really rewarding and worthwhile experience to me.

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