"Breach" Web VR

Web virtual reality experience developed by JavaScript framework

Recently, I was stimulated to build some web-based VR contents, and I found a great web framework, A-frame, that makes web VR more efficiently. I have been encouraged by this and decided to make something meaningful virtual reality experience for me.

Experience Breach Web VR

The Vladimir Kush’s painting, entitled Breach, is my favorite art piece. This painting is so imaginative and surreal to inspire me. I really love to appreciate the Breach everyday in my life, so I tried to reinterpret Kush painting and put it in VR world.

At the first, I designed low poly 3d assets: made terrain, a whale and human characters by blender program.

I arranged 3d objects one by one in the VR scene by codes, and made some animations with JavaScript DOM control.

Now it could be implemented on web environment regardless any devices.