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[VL Week6] Business Card

[VL Week5] Composition – ITP 2017 Winter Show Postcard

First of all, I’ve considered about how to convey a message in visually. Ever since I came to ITP, it has been a kind of complicated to define its…

[VL Week3] Redesign & Expressive Words

Boarding pass redesign To begin with, I categorized all information in essential and nonessential. For example, the logo is not more important than the destination of the flight….

Signage Research – Unsuccessful Designs

I have found some unsuccessful signages near school(nearby Washinton Square Park). I examined the most distractive signages that against basic rules: clarity, simplicity, consistency. Those design virtues provide…

Visual Design Analysis

I picked a Korean movie poster for design analysis. I used to love to gather some movie posters and enjoyed to do a critique of movies that I…