Every day, after my school work, my desk is messed with wires and wood dust. So, I decided to make a mini vacuum cleaner. I researched about the basic mechanism of a vacuum cleaner and found some tutorials of making dc motor mounted vacuum cleaner.



  • cups (paper, plastic)
  • hobby dc motor (6v ~ 12v)
  • on/off switch
  • propeller
  • fabric pieces for filter

Firstly, I tested wiring of the motor. I had to connect cathode and anode reversely to make motor spins in counterclockwise.

Also, making air holes in the tale was important to make proper air flow from the insides.

I measured the size of hole frames that motor and switch be mounted, and made them slightly small since I want all the components to be stable in the position.

Basically, all parts were hand-crafted and I glue them. A thick paper cup and some plastics stuck together well.

This switch perfectly fits in one of the checkboxes¬†somehow, and it’s my favorite part.