[Fab Week3] Laser Cutting

I met laser cutter, finally!

To begin with, I attempted to make a practical product for this assignment. Every day, while I’m sticking around on the floor, my backpack is just lying over indifferently.

So, I decided to make a kind of bag hanger hook to knock out this situation. I found an example product, BAGPIn, on the web, and I referred its design and size specification to form my own design.








Fortunately, I am comfortable with using pen-tool in Illustrator so that I draw outlines of the shape in several variations.

Cardboard was pretty apt for prototyping. I referred laser cutter settings preference carefully, and cut the material by f500, s15, p100. Consequently, I’ve got several version of prototype models that have the slightly different center of gravity respectively.

I applied these pancakes for real so that I could obtain the best frame for actual production.

I thought that acrylic sheets are good as material, so bought some of them at Canal Plastic. I tried to stack and stick three 3mm thickness acrylic sheets back to back.

First roll. Set up by f5000, s15, p100. I repeated the whole cutting process for 4 times to cut out the sheet absolutely.

I got total 18 pieces shaped same. Four times of laser cutting gave a lot of burned side edges, so I cleaned up with warm water.

As Ben said in the class, laser cutter didn’t cut the materials perfectly at some point, but it worked well overall.

I just used stong-strength adhesive instead of special solvents and syringes because I didn’t want to leave pocked marks on that. However, the other bond which I used also left some blob somehow.

I ground out some sharp edges by the sander.

Ultimately, I got six bag hangers and I’m happy with it works fine.

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