Too many ideas are scrambled in the head. Amazon packages(lots of materials) are MIA.

Despite all of these misfortunes, I am still grateful to sculpt something by my hands. Therefore, I picked up a block of clay again, and started to make own creature.

I remembered one of my favorite movie scenes from Ghostbusters.

This time, I attempted my own version of a city monster(ghost?). As a result of voracious imaginations, the iconic landmark of New York City, the Empire State Building rebirthed as a live creature that has tentacles and its fleshes.

I started by making the stage that complements the vibe of the whole scene and makes the toy model could be easily fixed on the ground as well.

I glued some wood chips unevenly to make the base texture.

I used DAS modeling clay because it is easily manipulated by water so that I could build a prototype model quickly.

I made a building with cardboard. For tentacles, I structured skeletons with thick copper wire.

Red wires and red yarn were used to make exposed muscles and flesh of the monster. I also created a battery knight whom against the monster by wielding his weapon.

I painted the model with mat grey primer and other colored paint sprays, and covered some parts by acrylic paints.

The most tricky part was attaching tentacles on the wall of cardboard building. The clay tentacles were not adhesive for cardboard although I tried to glue it.

So, I made pins that came out from the inside of the building so that tentacles are enabled to be fixed against the surface of the building.