[Art Toy Design] Hand Sculpting Toy Protoype

I attempted to reinterpret an original character model by making own version of mine. The chosen character was a naked dude who has an innocent beautiful butt and starred in the animation ‘Hi Stranger’.

Image result for hi stranger animation

Yeah, I feel the weird atmosphere and satisfying moment at the same time when he softly staring at me.


I got some materials from The Compleat Sculptor for quick clay hand sculpt modeling.

Firstly, I crumpled foil and make a crude prototype in order to scale it and to form its figure.

I mainly used Sculpey(skin-colored) clay and it was easy to sculpt with bare hands.

I made divided parts first, and assembled them by smearing extra portions of clay so that bridges those pieces together.

I was utilizing a chord cable to make the perfect shape of the characteristic elastic firm butt.

Nevertheless, it was my very first trial of sculpting, I especially enjoyed to make legs and feet parts.

This little trick made it easier to give an emotional face to the sculpture. I drew eyes and a smiley mouth on a small piece of clay dough, and attached it.

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  1. Great work, I love how you got the face onto the figure. Did you invent that? I’ve never seen that technique before.

    Is this character going in the direction of your final character? I’d like you to push it further if so. Currently, it’s a great (really great) reproduction of an existing figure. I’d like to see you put your own spin on it.

    Great documentation too.

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