I am writing this after the final presentation in Art Toy Design class. Making my own toys and see others from talented peer designers were the most enjoyable moment at ITP I had. For the final, I made new types of kit-bashing sci-fi droid robot. This time, it turned out smaller and simpler, but the amount was much a lot.

I started with a simple concept sketch as usual. I attempted droid type robot anyhow. It should’ve been human-shape and be able to pose with flexible joints.

The first pancake was consists of four simple circuit components. And it also had bendable arms and legs as I intended.

I added some components to make it more a real humanoid robot likely-looking. Soldered feet were good enough to stand its whole body stable and gave more character into the robot. I wanted to make lots of identical robots, consequently, I made sixty of them.

I decided to paint a few of them so that I could have experimented with coloring and variations. I painted four robots in various colors and characterized them by featured components. For instance, the marine unit backpacked an oxygen cylinder, and the air force unit has a jetpack.

Among those, my favorite one is the abandoned robot which is covered moss. I used Citadel’s grass texture and painted it using weather technique to detail it as a rusted old robot. The final result was pretty realistic.

For the packaging, I used floppy disks to give artificial machine-like aesthetic and a nostalgic early 90s vibe to toy robots. Also, the serial number of each robot could be revealed if someone pulls a certain part of the floppy disk. Although I have not done that maybe I could’ve stored Easter egg or some informative background story of the toy in the disk.

Ultimately, I am proud of the final result and really enjoyed the whole toy making process. For the future art toy project, I can use other mediums to do that and try to make more artistic and decent piece as an art toy of quality.