Character Turnaround Sheet

While I was looking for some inspirational reference images for character design, I have found an old rough drawing of the unidentified creature in my computer. It has rounded, short body shape covered by purple fluffy feathers or something. Those eyes that walking on eggshells, a sulk beak and stiff posture make its characteristics.

I set horizontal lines by its conspicuous physical divisions. Some parts(feet, tail) were added.

The final turnaround sheet consists of four perspectives of the character.


Wooden Blank Modification

The given three wooden pegs were modified based on my interests, and it was an upright improvisation.

Firstly, I attempted to make homie’s arms that covered by traditional tattoos. It also could be used as a photo holder. I printed out some old school tattoo flashes on Silhouette Tattoo Paper.

Tiny tattoo seals stuck on the wooden surface pretty well, and the process was easy and fun.

Those homie’s arms got total nine new inks on the fly. No breaks.

After that, I made thin line holes with a hand saw to hold a photo afterward.

Since both arms had to be standing, I ground the bottom sides by using a sanding machine.

A Homie with the hippest tattoos and photo.


With the one last wooden doll, I made a bedsheet ghost.

Making an expression (with a box cutter and scissors).

Adding some details and textures on the ghost’s outfit.

I glued the patch on the head part to hold it, and made eye holes.

Before adding some textures, it didn’t seem like a live one. So I crease the cloth and hold its form by glue.