[Animation Week1] Pixilation Stop Motion Animation

I was in a group with William and Vidia to make our first animation. We attempted a pixilation which has formed a music video.


Will has a great talent for making music and singing so that he mainly performed as an actor and a singer in the music video. We decided to animate the story in a witty manner with an original song which has hilarious lyrics as well.


  • Canon 5D MarkIII DSLR
  • Tripod
  • AC adaptor
  • Zoom h4 recorder
  • Shotgun mic
  • Cables and SD cards
  • Softwares – Dragonframe, PremierePro

Making Process

We inferred to shot all frames by 12fps and 24fps. During shoot photos frame by frame, adjusting camera settings – iso, focal length, shutter speed, etc. – via Dragonframe was convenient to keep the same tone and mood of the scene. In terms of sync, it was kind of challenge because we couldn’t find perfect matching points that synced with audio and motion so that we had to do additional editing in PremierePro after exporting the animation movie from Dragonframe.

Conclusion & some thoughts

  • Story makes all
  • Sync is difficult, so we need some iterations
  • Planning the line of flow is important to get more natural motion frames



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